Entry #13

New song up finally.

2010-04-15 15:13:12 by vgthing

'Tis from Space Manbow on the MSX2. It's really a great game, and if you've never played it or heard of it, I demand you buy a $300.00 MSX2 on ebay and play this game. It's just that good.

Other than that, I have nothing of importance to share.
Good day to you all.



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2010-04-29 23:37:34

Hey Dude! I guess you expired me to make 8 Bit song. I will give it a try! :p

vgthing responds:

I think you mean "inspired"... Anyway, thanks! Your best bet will probably be FamiTracker. It's not too difficult to learn if you've used trackers before, and it supports a lot of expansion chips and features. There are a couple other NES trackers, but they're not so user friendly. Of course there are also other 8-bit systems out there besides the NES, but I think it's the most well known...


2013-10-21 20:45:16

Hey man, I lessen to you're songs for years. Everyday in fact, blast off is the first thing I hear every morning. And when I finally got to play on the MSX, I got really nostalgic! It was like if I went through a time machine and got the shit kicked out by a bunch of catchy tuned, pixelated, games.

Space Manbox, Nemesis, Salamander, Gradius, etc... Thanks vgthing for those memories.